Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo

Providing real-world, real-time experiences in a simulated environment

Simulation Environments


Conference, Office, and Medical Environments

Empty-Meeting Room Corporate Office

Office environments are versatile and may be used to execute simulations for students going into a number of careers, from marketing to psychology.


Hospitality and Food Service Environment

Empty-Hotel Restaurant

Numerous hotel and restaurant settings provided students preparing for a career in hospitality with opportunities to practice various tasks spanning the industry. Whether it’s dealing with a disgruntled hotel guest or taking a customer’s food order, there’s a setting for almost any occasion.


Education Environments

Empty-Middle School Classroom

Typical school environments provided aspiring educators with the opportunity to interact with not only elementary and middle school aged children, but establish settings to engage parent-teacher conferences or faculty meetings as well. The middle school setting can even display a maximum of eight students at once.