Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo

Providing real-world, real-time experiences in a simulated environment

Simulation Environments


Conference/Office Environments

Office environments are versatile and may be used to execute simulations for students going into a number of careers, from marketing to psychology.  Such environments can feature as many as three avatars at a time and are useful for developing skills in group or one on one meeting.

Medical/Healthcare Environments

Thanks to a wide assortment of medical settings, learners can assist customers in a pharmacy, greet and treat patients in a hospital room, or better their bedside manner caring for residents in a skilled nursing facility.

Hospitality/Customer Service Environments

Numerous hotel and restaurant settings provided students preparing for a career in hospitality with opportunities to practice various tasks spanning the industry. Whether it’s dealing with a disgruntled hotel guest or taking a customer’s food order, there’s a setting for almost any occasion.

Education Environments

Classroom environments provide aspiring educators with the opportunity to interact with not only kindergarten, elementary and middle school aged children, but establish settings to engage in parent-teacher conferences or faculty meetings as well.

Home Environments

Home environments can be used in a number of different areas of study; from healthcare and asocial work, to criminal justice, journalism, and more.