Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo

Providing real world, real-time experiences in a simulated environment

What is the "Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo"? 

Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo are available to Saint Leo students and professional clients through a software license from the developing company called Mursion. The product offers a series of immersive simulations that allow for training and practice for individuals preparing to enter the workforce or those who are already in it. Participants have a variety of simulations, scenarios, and avatars to choose from, designed to both challenge and improve their communications skills, critical thinking, conflict-resolution and leadership skills.


How Does It Work?

Simulations engage participants in life-like, believable scenarios in real time. Depending on the scenario chosen, participants can interact with adult avatars, children, or both at the same time in a proctored session. Scenarios cover several categories, including customer service training, human resources training, and teacher or educator leadership preparation to name a few. Engaging with real actors using a variety of computer generated avatars in a virtual setting allows participants to learn from experience in a safe, simulated environment.


What Exactly Is a Scenario? 

A scenario is the situation that defines the simulation and its objectives. It is designed by you, the client, and the University’s Simulation Specialist. The scenario determines the background content for a desired simulation, the challenges that will be encountered and the level of intensity to test the participant. Essentially, a scenario can be used for instruction or skill development and may be adapted to any discipline, including: education, hospitality, social work, and marketing. It is also possible to create custom scenarios using pre-existing documents, such as industry training materials

How Can I Schedule a Mursion Session? 

You can schedule a simulation session with our Simulation Specialist here:  

Please note that all simulation sessions must be scheduled a month prior to the desired date. This is to ensure adequate planning and development time between the Simulation Specialist and the client.