Technical Requirements


All simulations will be run through Zoom (or Microsoft Teams) and, because of this, learners can participate from any location, on-ground or online, so long as they have the items listed below.  For the best immersive experience, we highly encourage all learners to participate from a device with a sizeable viewing screen; cell phones and tablets are not recommended but are encouraged if the learner’s options are limited. We also strongly suggest participating from a stationary environment; please do not log in from a portable device while operating or riding in a moving vehicle.  Simulations will also be recorded at the instructor’s request so they may be reviewed later. Sim Specialists will happily provide the video within a day of the simulation’s run. 

A reliable desktop computer, laptop, or computer device.

A strong, reliable internet connection.

A functioning webcam and microphone, or a device with the two built-in.